Saturday, 10 August 2013

Casual Summer Beach Outfit!

Hi everyone!

Sorry its been so long! Today I'm going to write and show you guys some cute ideas of the perfect summer beach outfit. This will be nice for the great weather we have been having recently and perfect if you are on holiday! First thing I like is this...

White Lace Skater Dress-£18.00-link.

I really like these skater dresses for the summer time because they are really cute and casual. You can wear them with little accessories with a cute belt and some nice flats for a day look. Or you can dress the look up with more statement accessories and a nice pair of heel wedges. They have this in some other colors as well, but i thought the white would be nice on a nice sunny day. It gives that bright clean look.

If your not a girl who liked to wear dresses much, then shorts are perfect for this beach look. 

Parisian Light Blue Denim Shorts-£10.00-link.
 White Edge Denim Shorts-£9.00-link.
I think both pair of these shorts are really nice and there colors go nice for this occasion. I feel if your going to wear tighter shorts, then maybe you should wear a more floaty top, then everything is tied together and looks right.  I feel like both of these tops would go nice!

 Always and Forever T-Shirt-£14.00-link.
I think this top would go nice with the light blue denim shorts:)

Daisy Cami-£26.00-link.
You could probably find cheaper ones from primark with similar prints.

Back Blouse With Collar And Stripes-£25.00-link.
Also think you could find cheaper ones, and maybe wear a cami underneath or a bandeau.

For shoes, I like both pair and you can either go casual with the flats, or more dressy with the wedges!

Black Cross Strap Peep Toe Wedges-£12.00- link.

Stone Embelished Ballet Pumps-£19.99- link.

The last items I'm going to show you are some bags that should go with these outfits!

Colourblock Flapover Satchel Bag-£40.00- link.
Chain and Quilt Detail Across Body Bag-£25.00- link.

That its for this post. I hope your liked my pieces I chose, leave me a comment telling me what you like/dislike about these peices, and what you would have put together! Thanks for reading, bye,



  1. Love the daisy print cami! Its super cute!


    1. Thanks so do I, its such a cute print! :)

  2. The first white dress is so pretty and i love the daisy cami! xo

    1. Thanks, so do I, there my favorite! :)

  3. I loooove the shoes you've chosen, I want so bad! Might just have to go buy them now ;) haha

  4. these are very fresh cute items!
    great for summer.

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Aggie Kwong
    Facebook: Miss Aggie Kwong

    1. Thanks so much, glad you think so! :)

  5. lovely post!
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  6. I love the white dress! It looks so classy

    Dutch Gurl

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, glad you liked what I chose! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your beach outfits ideas. I'm getting married in a few months and my husband and I are spending our first married vacation at our Cape Cod summer rental next year. Your outfits have me so excited for the summer!


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