So this is the boring and strict part of my blog, but its always good to have a disclaimer so any viewers know were i stand with some of these topics.

About Me & My Blog

So I would like to start of saying, this is my own personal beauty blog, what i mean by that is I am no trained makeup artist or dermatologist. I simply love discovering and trying out new beauty products to share with you all! Also as much as I love writing, It is obvious I will make spelling or grammar mistakes. As much as I wish I could post everyday, I don't have time and post will be uploaded at random.

What Is On My Blog & PR's

Everything that is shared on my blog is what I chose to be, I only write about products if it is suitable for the theme (ie. beauty related). Everything I write about has my 100% honest opinion. I do not get paid and if a company approaches me to test one of there products, I only accept if I think my viewers will the find the information and review useful, and will enjoy reading about it. Also, just because that product might being sent to me to try for free, does not mean I will not put my 100% honest views about how I feel about the product. Please note if you are a company who would like me to review a product, I will mention both positives and negatives sides about it.


I love all comments and feedback I can get from my viewers, it brightens my day when i see someone has left a comment. I love hearing your thoughts and opinions about what I have wrote. Please note I do reply to every comment straight away, they go into moderation first so I can remove any insulting or abusive comments. Normally I should reply within 24-72 hrs unless has mentioned with a reason why. If you have an urgent message and would like a quicker reply, you can email or tweet me. Also please note I am not responsible for the content in any comments left on my blog, or made about my blog..


All images and photos on my blog are taken by me unless said otherwise. If you would like to use my image please contact me first asking.

Some of this disclaimer is from Ink Scrawl, some was wrote by me.

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