Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Body Shop Body Butter!

Hi there everyone!
So today im going to talk about my all-time favorite body moisturisers, and they are the body shops body butter! Now they are 'butter' so they are very thick and not a lotion in any way possible, but these  leave you with the softest skin ever!

I have loved these all my life because my mum has been using them since i was little, and also because the scents are absolutely amazing! I have two favorites.

1)The body shop coconut body butter.

This contains community trade organic virgin coconut oil for normal/dry skin. This is definitely the best scent in my personal view. It just smells so tropical and reminds me of sitting by the beach in LA with a coconut drink for some strange reason, even though i have never been to LA. They are super super creamy and thick, the scent stays on your skin for ages and makes your skin feather soft to touch.

2)The body shop passion fruit body butter.

This is also my second favorite scent. It contains passion fruit seed oil to moisture normal/dry skin. I love this one alot to, this scent smells like you have mixed a whole bunch of your favorite fruits together in a good way, mainly passion fruit, but it is very fruity and sweet.

I just want to mention, they are £12.50 for 200ml, which i think is alot but, they are so worth it and, they do offers on there website all the time so they are sometimes reduced in price, 

So thanks alot for reading, i hope i helped you if you wear in need for a new body moisturiser, and please subscribe to my blog so you can see my new post every Wednesday and Saturday bye!



  1. Nice post

  2. I LOVE the mango version of this, I can agree on the price however! <3

  3. Used to work at The Body Shop, every shift I'd lather myself in body butters!! The Nut one is my favourite!

    I'm brand new to blogging too, check out my blog if you get a chance-

    1. Haha, i will check your blog out, please follow!:)


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