Wednesday, 24 October 2012

HD brows, eye and brow pallete in vamp!

Hi everyone!

I have had the hd brow palette for some time now, since it came in a glossybox, and I cannot rave enough about it! It was the first thing I had used on my eyebrows and I can see it being the last! I had seen everyone talk about it before but never got it because of the price, but whenever I run out of this, which I don't think will be soon, I will be sure to repurchase it!

So my palette is in vamp, so its for darker haired people, it comes with...

NUDE: matte cream
CARBON: matte almost black/charcoal 
DARK BROWN: matte dark chocolate brown
RICH BROWN: matte redish/brown

When I have a tan, my hair and brows seem to look darker so I use carbon then. But for everyday use i just use dark brown which is the perfect colour for me. It is slightly lighter than my actual hair colour but you cant tell at all, and id rather have my brows a little lighter than them looking like I've drawn them in with a sharpie. But they are great for mixing together.

Sorry, not the best swatches!
From left to right, Rich brown, Nude, Carbon and Dark brown!

So it comes with a mini double ended brush, the one end is a angled brush which I don't really use, but the other end is a rounded side, and it is really great if you don't have a brush to fill them in, which I didn't at first but now I use mac 266. I get some on my brush and do little strokes to fill in any sparse areas!

These shadows are so so pigmented!. They are really soft and like silk to apply! They also have the palette in different colour ranges' foxy, bombshell and vamp. As the name says it is an eye palette as well, so these would be great for travelling with the perfect neutrals, and like I said the quality is amazing.

I also love the sleek packaging, it comes with a very handy mirror if your on the go, you can buy this for £19.96 from here.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review on this product, please follow for my post every Wednesday+Saturday, bye!:)



  1. this looks like a great palette with a great range of shades,

    would be great if you could check out my beauty giveaway :) @


    1. I is, and sure i will!:)

  2. Hello, Loved the post, loved the blog, finally loved everything.
    'm following.
    I invite you to follow mine too. Kisses From Brazil

    1. Thank you so much, i really appreciate it!:)

  3. I love my HD brows pallet! Great review!
    Chloe xx

  4. Brows are my favourite part of the face.....yes weird I know! But a good brow frames the face. Have you tried the MUA brow set? I'm going to do a blog on it, so look out for it xxx

    1. i totally aggree with you! And no i have not, i shall look out for that!:)


  5. I would love to try this! Right now I'm loving my benefit brow kit. But it is very expensive. Luckily it'll last forever. But when I do get a new one I want to try this or elfs. Do any of the shadows kind of set your brows? I know benefits has a wax.

    Please check out my blog!! I'd love comments/subscriptions! Itd mean a lot. Still getting up and running.

    1. Thanks, and i also want to try elfs but this is going to last me ages to. I heard the maybelline great lash clear gel is great for setting brows and its cheap!:)


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