Saturday, 13 October 2012

LOccitane Shea butter hand cream!

Hey everyone!

I was looking desperately in every shop to try and find the instyle magazine with the benefit sample in and could not find it, and i just gave up and decided to grab the marie clair magazine which had a free L'Occiane hand cream in which is pretty amazing, it also came with a medium sized dove conditioner which was pretty nice!

I have been using it recently because the cold weather is creeping up and my skin tends to go abit more dryer and this has saved my life! Its the first L'Occitane product i have tried and Ive always read great reviews about there hand creams so I'm very happy Ive got to try one!

They were giving away 4 different kind, 3 limited addition ones, mango, rose, and date bouquet, and  also a Shea butter hand cream which is the one i got, they are all travel size of cause 30ml so they are worth £8 and the magazine is £3.70!

Now getting into the hand cream, it has loads of great products in the ingredients like, Shea butter, honey extract, almond extract, coconut oil, rosemary extract,,, and lots more. It also has vitamin E in which is very good at moisturising. It is a nice thick consistency which i like in a hand cream and it just blends in like silk, i does not leave any sort of residue at all, just with smooth, soft, moisturised hands!

The only down side for me, this is personal preference and my  fault really, is the smell, it has that  baby powder smell which i don't usually mind but its quite strong, so if you don't like that i would recommend the other ones in the magazine, but to be honest I'm one of those persons that can put it behind them if the product is amazing so I'm still going to use it up, and will repurchase the hand creams but just a different one next time!

I totally recommend them if you have really bad dry or cracked hands, it makes it all go away because i can feel the difference if i put it on one hand and not the other, they are also great at just a every day hand cream as well because like i said they just sink in fast and don't leave and greasy residue! And i love the fact they are travel size because there perfect for throwing in your hand bag, but also have the bigger sized ones. I love the packaging and the squeeze tube design!

I hope you like this review, if there are any post you would like me to do or any products to talk about leave it in the comments below, thanks for reading, please follow to read my post every Wednesday+Saturday, bye!:)


P.S i managed to get the instyle magaziine in the end, my parents found it, so watch out for a review on benetint soon....:)


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  2. I really want to try this cream!

  3. Great post!
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  4. Great review :) I like products which contain an ingredient: shea butter :)

  5. I love that magazine and Taylor is on it!! I'm going to have to buy that one :)

    1. Haha thankyou and i know, i love taylor!:)

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    I am liking your blog! keep up the good work ^^

  7. Love hand creams!! this one is great.. xx


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