Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Simple kind to skin moisture boost hyrdro cream+mist!

Hello everyone!

 Sorry if i have been abit absent, I've been very busy with school, life and i had a super busy weekend at the clothes show shopping! But i am back on track now and have some reviews for you and hopefully some Christmas post, let me know with some ideas?

The items I'm going to review today are the simple hydro boost cream and mist! First of, i have always loved simple products, and growing up i have always gone to there brand because of how sensitive my skin is, and they have always worked! As you know i love there face wipes, if you would like to see the review, here. I love when they come out with different products to try!

This was the product i was most excited about. It has lotus flower, glycerin, vitamin B-5 and vitamin E.
I have tried this alot of different ways. My favourite are to spray on my face just after I've finished my makeup, it sort of removes that overly powder look and makes your face very dewy. It's also good at just spraying on your face during the day to refresh your skin or to calm it. 

Sometimes i don't use moisturiser at night because i find it leaves my face greasy and i don't need it, so this is a excellent alternative because it sinks into the skin fast, and very lightly moisturises. The spray bottle is perfect and i mist about 2-3 all over, also it does not smudge your makeup! Its great for on the go, and i also feel if your travelling, instead of taking big bottles of moisturiser. Again if you was travelling on a plane or coach, perfect for keeping your skin hydrated, and is very hygienic!

I was pleasantly surprised with this product, and i love it much more than i thought i would! I expected it to be a thick, heavy, greasy cream, that just sits on top of your skin, but it is the complete opposite! I am so happy i found this because i was just using the normal light moisturiser from simple, but when the winter months come my skin starts to get dry in some areas, and this is great at keeping the skin hydrated. Also this is the first cream that i have actually felt like its moisturised my skin and not just gave the illusion of soft skin. It has lotus flower, glycerin, vitamin-5, vitamin E, and no harsh ingredients!

It has UV protection which is great, because some tend to think just because its winter or the suns not shining, that UV rays aren't floating around. They both have a light pleasant scent and this is a light/medium consistency. It leaves the skin, soft, smooth, and a perfect base for makeup! I really recommend both if you have sensitive skin! Even thought they don't contain fragrance, colour, alcohol or harsh chemicals, they still contain parabens!

That's my review, i like them alot, thanks for reading and i hope you liked it, bye!




  1. love simpe skin care range the spray looks good xx

  2. I want the moisture boost hydro mist <33 can it be used to set make-up too?

  3. I've been seeing this brand and are really excited to give it a try. The hydro boost cream seems really great.

  4. Hey there!

    I've only seen Simple products in my local stores in recent years. I don't know very much about them. Are their acne products effective?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi!

      Simple are known best for there skincare because there designed for sensitive skin! If you dont have that, you could still give it ago or maybe try something that might be more affective. I have not heard of there acne products, but give it ago because it should not break you out, or hurt your skin!:)

  5. I've only seen Simple recently in Montreal. This review makes me want to give it a go. Seems like a lovely brand.

  6. I often overlook Simple but someone in work once recommended them to me. I'll have to try one day.

  7. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

  8. I love the Simple products, so effective, yet so cheap. I in particularly like the eyemakeup remover, which is very gentle on my sensitive eyes.

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

    1. So do i, ive never tried the eye makeup remover, might try it next time i see it, and sure i will!:)


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