Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Denman D200 Flexible Vent Brush!

Hi everyone,

Alot of people may know that I love denman brushes and today I'm reviewing the d200 vent brushes.

Now this brush is specialised to speed up the process of blow drying your hair, its called the vent brush because it has little vents in the back of the brush and the heat supposed to pass through and dry your roots quicker.

I love that this is a classic, simple and medium sized brush. It has great grip and you have total control when using this brush so it does not slide out your hands while brushing your hair. It claims to safely de tangles all hair types and lengths without tugging.

I have super curly tangly hair so I found this quite painful to brush in the morning, but this is such a star when my hair is wet or even just brushing during the day!

Overall I had a great experience with this brush and will definitely be using this more when blow drying my hair, it does normally takes ages to dry. Also like I said when my hair hair is wet/damp it works so great. I hope you liked this little review, bye!

Denman - D200 Flexible Vent Brush/£5.53*



  1. I always seem to favour Denman brushes over anything else xx

    1. Same, they are such great quality, i love them! :)


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