Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Jelly pong pong lip frosting!

Hello everyone, so today I'm going to do a review on a product that i am in love with!The brand is called, Jelly pong pong! Yes, i know, funny name, but seriously this product im about to talk about beats anything else i have tried, and believe me, that's alot.

So i have tried a few of jelly pong pongs products, and really like 4 out of the 5.  The best has to be the irish cream pavlova lip frosting.

 Right you guys have no idea, at first i was like what the hell am i supposed to do with this ,but it makes your lip so so soo moisturising, basically its lip balm/gloss and has so many good things in:

Grape seed oil which keeps your lips moisturized, it has Aloe Vera extracts that contain healing and anti flammatory propeties, it has beeswax which acts as am antiseptic emolient and softening agent and it has Vitamin E which promotes healing and prevents signs of ageing on your lips.

Seriously this is an amazing product , it smells and taste amazing! It smells like cherrys and 'dessert', its a beautiful shade of pink/cherry red colour even thought it is quite sheer it is really nice.This is 100% not sticky at all, its just smooth and glossy.
Another reason i love this product is because its cruelty free, green commitment, and integrity commitment.

The cost is £10.00 which some people might think is alot, but honestly this is so amazing! I just would like to say, i actually brought this product at the clothes show in Birmingham with alot of the other jelly pong pong products for £5 so that was amazing! You get 0.5 oz of it, and it comes in a big tube so you are getting quite abit for your money. I think it is out of stock on the website at the moment but you might be able to get it on some websites on-line.

I really reccomend this product if your looking for something really moisturising and thats going to make your lips soft, but also want a tint of colour to your lip and abit of a gloss.

Im not sure why jelly pong pong inst as popular as some other brands, on there website it says there products have been featured in Glamour, Fabulous, style, Cosmopolitan, Sunday express and Vogue magazine.

Okay so here is the link you can view it on the website:

So thanks for reading, i hope you found this helpful, Bye!



  1. Great review!


  2. Looks gorgeous - I've never tried Jelly Pong Pong products before but this one looks gorgeous. Usually I'd think twice about spending that amount on a lip balm but the colour of that one looks lovely!


  3. hi, i also have this product and i dont know if you know this but this is also a cream blush!

  4. I actually didnt until quite recently, when i received one in a glossybox and it said on the card, i might have to try that out!:)


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