Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Favorite Summer Scents!

Hi everyone!
So today i am going to show you two of my favourite summer scents which i always use together because they are almost identical in smell, but, there is a very very big price difference.

The first one is DKNY red delicious eau de parfum: 

This is one of my all time favourite perfumes, not even just for summer, any time at all! It is so yummy and it smells like red apples! It is very sexy and flirty i think, and can be worn daytime and night and is very fruity and floral!
This is the description of it:

Red raspberries flirtatiously mingle with crisp apples in this tantalisingly fruity and sultry fragrance. DKNY red delicious women is a daring, irresistible floral oriental fragrance. It opens with a glittering lychee champagne cocktail mixed with crisp apple accord. The middle notes shimmer with velvety rose, while in the base notes red raspberry flirtatiously mingles with amber. The result is a sultry experience that is tempting, sexy and delicious. 

Now, i put this on in the morning when im about to leave the house, then through out the day i take a body spray. I have managed to find one that i absolutely love and i think is like the red delicious one, Its the:

Boots NATURAL COLLECTION apple and lime body spray.

I really like these body sprays, they smell so good, and are great for in the summer when your red hot. I just like to spritz it all over my clothes and neck and wrist like i would with the perfume. I put this on throughout the day when i think the red delicious one is wearing off and i want a little boost of fragrance, these are perfect for that. They do smell pretty similar very fruity, floral and like apples! I think this one is alot more sweet and more of a daytime were one. Plus only £2.00 from boots! They have them in other many different scents that are also nice so check them out.

Overall these are my perfect combination i love together for summer they smell so gorgeous and fruity and get tons of compliments when i wear them!

You can get the boots natural collection apple and lime body spray from:

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