Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Self-Tan Routine! 2012

Hello there everyone!

So today's post is going to be my self-tan routine, and if you live in the UK then you know that its hardly sunny enough to get tanned naturally, or to even put fake tan on. So when there are a couple of odd hot days, or if i go on holiday, then this is what i use.

Now for my all over body tan, i use the: 

GARNIER summer body moisturising lotion sun kissed look:

So basically this gradually builds a natural looking sun-kissed tan. Now, i am super pale, and this claims to get tanned gradually, so i always get the deep sun-kissed look shade so it makes me deeper tanned, more quicker, and it does really work. This claims to have a summer fresh fragrance of apricot, which is does, out the bottle, but i cant help notice that when i have this on through out the day, the smell does get really strong, and not as nice as you imagine it would, so that is one of the down sides, but the rest are great! So I use this all over my body, because is doesn't go streaky like any other.

Tan that use for my legs:
Loreal sublime bronze self tanning dry mist.
I normally use this when i have the garnier tan on, and if am wearing a skirt, dress or shorts. It gives my legs a processional looking tan that is not orange, and i really love it! Now the reason i only use this on my legs it because, well, I'm not the best at applying tan, and i can only put this on my legs without it going streaky, now I'm not sure if its the tan or me that makes the rest of my body streaky, but it always looks great on my legs after abit of practice.

Now for the face:
OLAY complete care everyday sunshine, moisturising fluid with a touch of sunless tanner, SPF15
I also use this when mi using the garnier gradual tan, so my face isn't the only thing tanned. And i really love this product, the consistency is really thin, milk like. I apply like all over my face and my neck, making sure i have blended it in really good into my hair line, ears and brows, because you don't want it to look orange, or streaky. This makes your face look really glowy and sun kissed!

I really recommend all these products, of course this is what works for me, i cant promise they will work for everyone.
I also want to mention, that before i fake tan, i like to exfoliate my skin really good before, so it goes on smoother, and then moisturise alot after so it last for longer and i use the:

THE BODY SHOP, coconut body butter
It is very think, super moisturising and smells the best!

I hope you liked my tips and thanks for reading, bye!



  1. I love the Garnier moisturising lotion, it's great! The Body Shop butters are SO nice too!

    Great post, I hope you can check out my blog!
    Laura xx ~

    1. Same! Thankyou, i will, and please subscribe:)

  2. Did you follow under Lauren or Starshinelauren? ❤ Thank you ❤

    1. Under Lauren, on google friend connect :)x

  3. I love the Garnier Summer Body - it's very moisturising and a good natural colour on me. I use the dark one in the summer and the light one in the winter, just to make me look less blue (yes, I'm that pale!) I was also looking for a good facial tanner and forgot about the Olay one - I used it a couple of years ago and thought it was fab - have to pick up a wee bottle! x

    1. I love it to! And so do i, and you not the only one whos that pale! The olay one is really great, i do recommend it loads!x

  4. I want to try the Loreal one for my legs as well! :)
    want to get a even-out look.

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  5. Great products :) I'm following you now :)

  6. Thankyou very much! I am following you aswell:)

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