Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Glossybox september 2012 review!

Hi everybody!

I was excited when i received my glossybox in the post on Tuesday, because this months is a limited edition box, styled my Maggie Li.

Me and my mum actually share the contents of the box which i actually like because some times there's things i don't want an she does! The cost is £10 + £2.95 p+p

So the first thing in this months glossybox is...

Lady Gaga fame fragrance 1.2ml sample!£2930ml-£61/100ml

I have read a couple reviews about this perfume and i was very excited when i realised i was going to get to try it, i expected it to be a dark musky fragrance but its not at all and i really love it, and it has apricot in which is my favourite, i am defiantly getting the full size at Christmas!:)

Rodial glamoxy snake serum and 5 minute facial x2 sachets!

I had never heard of this brand before so i was interested, i did abit of research and i cant wait to try the 5 minute facial which is a clay mask, and i gave the snake serums to my mum because I'm not a huge fan of putting oils and serums on my face and they was for more mature skin!

Balance me wonder eye cream!£20/15ml

I was also very excited when i saw there was balance me brand in there, and this was the wonder eye cream, it claims to soothe, brighten and lift the eye area, and it is 99% natural origin, and in the ingredients there are loads of good products like; witch hazel, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, cucumber oil, rose oil, lemon, aloe Vera, and loads more! I do find this bright the eye area up which i like!

Vichy idealia day care cream!£25/50ml

This was definitely  my fav product in glossybox, it is an illuminating cream and i really love it! It is a pink toned cream and is really thin and light weight, a great thing about this is its paraben free and great for sensitive skin which was great for me. This cream is very moisturising but i only noticed a little bit of difference in the illuminating department!

Maghrabian hair oil! £13/50ml-£24/100ml

I was happy but sad at the same time when i realised i got this product, sad because they was giving out loreal mythic oil full size in certain boxes and i really hoped i get it, but i was happy because i am loving trying out different kinds of oils and serums for my hair lately and this one looks really interesting. I have only tried it a couple of times and i really like it so far! And this one actually has argan oil in which is really good for your hair!

Overall i was really impressed with this months box i liked all of the content and products and i cant wait for next month to come some!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you would like me to do a glossybox review each month, and sorry if this one was abit late and not very detailed, it was abit rushed if i am being honest because i am very busy with school and revising and life lately so sorry about that, please follow it would mean the world to me and more, bye!:)



  1. I need to get hold of a glossy box but never get round to it! love the blog, please come and visit me at my blog and follow back? I'm new so could do with any support :)


  2. This box is nice! I am from Latvia and we have only one company providing beauty boxes. And these are just horrible :) With out of date items and other unwanted stuff :)

    1. Aww, thats a sham, hopefully glossybox will come to your company soon!:) please follow


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