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Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review!

Hi everyone!

So todays’s post is about something super exciting for me because it is the first high end thing I have. And its something I have wanted since it came out and have saved up for it so it feels great to have it. As you can guess it’s the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. And I guess you have heard so much about this already, but I thought I would still tell you what I think.

The packaging is gorgeous!

So I actually got this around the beginning of summer but just forgot to write about it. I got it from for £32.00 with is a lot personally for just eyeshadow, but as there is nothing but great reviews I decided why not?! I really couldn't choose from the first naked palette or the second but I liked the packaging and there's more matte eye shadows in the 2nd palette so I went for this one.

The first shadow is…

FOXY: I would describe it as a matte yellow/cream shadow which is perfect for highlighting, I love it on the brow bone.
HALF BAKED: gorgeous shimmery golden colour, this looks great on blue eyes I love it!

BOOTYCALL: one of my most used ones yet, it’s a shimmery pinky/pearly shade amazing for all over the lid and my favourite for highlighting the inner tear duct area!

CHOPPER: a peachy/pink toned shade, rose gold with silver glitter in.

TEASE: this is also one of my most used, it’s a great matte shadow for the crease, a brown mauve taupe colour.

SNAKEBITE: just a nice brown shimmery/satin colour.

SUSPECT: a medium brown/taupe with a sheen shade.

PISTOL: a shimmery grey charcoal colour great on the middle lid for a smokey eye!

VERVE: is a really shimmery/metallic silvery colour, it is great to put on top of shadows that are matte or you think need for sparkle.

YDK: is a really gorgeous shimmery colour, sort of a coppery brown, which  I really don’t know how to describe!

BUSTED: a lovely deep purple toned brown colour, a little bit of this in the outer corner to deepen up your eye makeup, but still neutral because its not jet black.

BLACKOUT: which is the perfect matte black shadow that you could ask for, it makes the perfect smokey eye with bootycall the inner corner and inner part of the lid, pistol in the middle/outer lid, blackout it the outer corner and even crease!

Now as much as I love makeup, I'm not the kind of girl that goes out and buys really expensive things, I like to look around a lot. But with this I really do find it is worth the money! They are all super pigmented, smooth, and blend great on the eyes. This definitely is my #1 staple in my makeup bag, and the shades are perfect only being able to wear neutral makeup at school.

If your sort of on the edge, love makeup, and do have the money, the I say go for it, but if you don’t really have the money then don’t worry about not having it because to be honest you can find you as good eye shadows for way cheaper. Like the MUA palette in undressed which is supposed to be a copy of the first naked palette and its only £4!

This also comes with a double sided brush, the first end a flat shader  brush which is okay, isn't my favorite but good for travelling, and the other side is a crease brush which I really really love!

And it comes with a little Minnie ud lip junkie lip gloss which is nice!

Here's the link were i got mine from: -link.

but the price has gone up to £36.00 now

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  1. Gorgeous colours, I'd love to see a LOTD with this if you're brave enough to post a photo of yourself online! x

    1. Hahah ill have to see about that, but it would be ao much fun!:)

  2. I've never heard of Beauty Bay until now! I'm def. going to check that out! This is a great review, well done! I want to get both of the Naked palettes soon. Having quality neutrals is important. Great post!(:

  3. i got this recently to & have been using it everyday since its great x

  4. Great post!

    K xx

  5. Nice shades! I usully use colors like these! :)

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Pass by sometime soon again! :) xx

    1. same, and sure i will!:)

  6. Great post! I have the first one and can't make up my mind whether I need this one or not!xx

    1. Haha it is gorgeous, i say get it if you have the money but if your on the edge wait abit!:)

  7. Hi hun, great post.

    I think i'm going to buy this at the weekend, read so many great reviews :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  8. I have the 1st naked palette and I love it! I want to try this one next time.

  9. Following your blog - I just love your posts! I’d be so happy if you could check out my blog and follow me also? ^^ Have a great week lovely! x

  10. Yeah its gorgeous! Great post! Love that colors in your Naked 2 makeup palette.
    Following you now.. ;) Follow back. Thank's...

    Kisses from VV!!

  11. It's a truly awesome pallet, great review by the way ! X

    1. Thank you very much, please follow!:)


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