Tuesday, 18 September 2012

This or that tag!

Hi everyone! Today I'm doing a tag, and as you may guess at the title its the 'This and that' tag. Tags are my favourite I think they are awesome to read and really good fun answering the questions. I saw someone do this tag and it looked cool so i decided to give it a whirl!


Blush, or bronzer?
Bronzer because i have naturally rosy cheeks.

Lipstick, or lipgloss?
Lipstick, i have to reapply lipgloss all the time.

Eyeliner,  or mascara?
Mascara, mascara, mascara!

Foundation, or concealer?
I don't wear foundation that much so concealer!

Neutral, or coloured eyeshadow?
Neutral, i love natural eyeshadows.

Pressed, or loose eyeshadow?
Pressed, loose are messy!

Brushes, or sponges?
Brushes 100% so much easier.


OPI, or china glaze?
OPI is my favourite nail polish brand, but i have never tried china glaze.

Long, or short?
Medium, my nails always break of when they start getting long, but i don't like them short.

Acrylic, or natural?
I do have false nails sometimes, but not all the time because it wrecks them.

Brights, or darks?
Bright, i don't ever were dark nail polish unless it purple:)


Perfume, or body spray?
Perfume more because it last longer, but i use both!

Lotion, or body butter?
Body butter when my skin is really dry, but lotion for everyday use.

Body wash, or soap?
I switch up alot so both.

Lush, or other bath company?
The nearest lush is 1hr away from me so i always use other brands more.


Jeans, or sweatpants?
Jeans, i don't wear sweatpants, but for round the house i wear leggings.

Long sleeve, or short?
Short in the summer, long in winter.

Dresses, or skirts?
I wear dresses more but i love skirts to.

Stripes, or plain?
I like stripes but i don't wear them all the time.

Flip flops, or sandals?
Sandals, i love sandals!

Scarves, or hats?
Scarves, i don't ever wear hats, even in winter but i wear scarves all through out the seasons.

Studs, or dangly earrings?
I wear studs more for everyday at school.

Necklaces, or bracelets?
Bracelets, even though i have more necklaces?

Heels, or flats?
Flats, i am naturally tall for my age so i don't buy that many heels but i love a wedge!

Cowboy, or riding boots?
Probably riding boots.

Jacket, or a hoodie?
Jackets, I'm not much of a 'hoodie' girl.

Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe?
Forever 21, but i don't have either near me.

Abercrombie. or Hollister?
I don't have either near me but probably abercrombie.

Saks 5th avenue, or nordstrom?
Don't have either near me again but id say nordstrom.



Curly or straight?
I have naturally curly hair so curly!

Bun or ponytale?
Messy bun!

Bobbie pins or butterfly clips?
Bobbie pins, i don't use butterfly clips.

Hair spray or gel?
I don't use either regularly, but i use abit of hairspray if i curl or straighten my hair.

Long or short?
LONG!! If i ever had short hair i would cry!

Light or dark?
I have naturally dark brown hair, but i would like to lighten it abit in the future not sure?

Side swept bangs, or full fringe?
Ive had both, but side swept bags are my fav.

Up or down?
Down, i hardy wear my hair up any more unless its a messy bun.



Rain or shine?
Shine, when its sunny it makes me happy!:)

Summer or winter?
I love summer for the break and the sun, but i get so happy near winter because of Christmas!

Fall or spring?
Spring, that means my birthday is soon!:)

Chocolate or vanilla?

So that is all the questions for today, i hope you enjoyed them, i had alot of fun with this, thanks for reading, please follow fro my beauty blogs every Wednesday+Saturday, bye!


P.S  i tag everyone!


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  3. This was fun to read! I don't own any butterfly clips either but I keep hearing about them recently so maybe I should look for some o.O


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  6. Beautiful hair! ;)

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