Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Betrousse pretty beauty box!

Hi everyone,
sorry if i have been abit vacant lately and haven't been replying to my comments, i have been on holiday the past couple of weeks and all my post have been pre done. It feels like i haven't blogged in ages but i am definitely back, and I'm bringing a review of Betrousse pretty beauty box!

I have wondering weather to try this or not a few months back and i got the chance to try the pretty beauty one which is the newest one, and I'm going to share my feedback. I love that you know what your going to get and there ALL full size products!

So the first thing in the box was..

Saffron London -crackling nail polish-black-75p

I really love crackle nail polish, i think its quick and cute design, so i was quite excited to see this because I'm always trying new ones out, i like the Barry m one but i find it dried up way to quick and have been loving the rimmel one, so if it is any good i will do a NOTD or review. This is only 0.75p so I'm not sure if it will be that good.

Papier poudre-absorbent powdered face paper-£7.95

There are three little books of the face papers for different skin tones, white:very light skin tone, rose:light normal skin tone and Rachel:dark and medium skin tone. There are 65 sheets in each book and i love them. They have absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores, 
lifting oil and dirt from the skin leaving your face fresh and natural leaving a trace of powder for a matte finish, These have been on the market for over 100 years and can say these are by far my favourite blotting sheets i have tried and there so cute and compact!

Cupcake organic- frankincense and orange day cream- £16-30ml

I have tried this only once and i can say that i am loving it so far. Recently my skin has become quite dry, and my everyday light moisturiser has not been cutting it, and i find this so luxurious and thick and so moisturising. I tend to go towards light moisturisers because i cant stand thick ones that leave a horrible greasy feel to my skin but this one doesn't which is why i love it. It leaves you with soft smooth skin and it smells so nice! Also this company have only been running for 6 moths i believe which is great! And the best thing about this product is 100% of the products are ingredients of a natural origin so it should be great for my sensitive skin.

Essyta cosmetics body moisturising lotion-£13.59-250ml

I have not tried this yet but it smells quite nice and is supposed to maintains skin silky softness and suppleness, with a blend of vitamins and minerals to provide hydration to the skin. And its 98% natural and organic ingredients, i look forward to trying this.

Yves Rocher-organic refreshing gel cleanser-£11-200ml

I have tried so many products from this brand and i love them so i was excited when i saw 2 in this box the first is there organic gel cleanser which is 98% natural ingredients with no paraben, perfume, colourant and mineral oil which again is great for sensitive skin and it does have aloe Vera gel in which is good at calming the skin. I cant wait to try this!

Yves Rocher- sexy pulp volume gloss- £13.90

The next thing was the sexy pulp lip gloss, i have tried the sexy pulp mascara and i love it and i tried this last night when i went out and i love it! It is a really pretty natural pink colour with gold shimmer, i love the smell and applicator, the only problem for me is it is slight sticky even when it claims its not. I noticed a little difference in the plumping department but i dont look for that in a lip gloss anyway so i dont mind. It also has vitamin E an Shea butter in which does leave your lips soft other than dry.

Kesari anti wrinkle cream/serum- £47-30ml

I'm not in the age range that i need wrinkle creams yet so i decided to pass this on to my mum but it must be good because its £47!! It contains saffron flower petal which is a rare ingredient and your supposed to notice results in 28 days, an the product is organic which is a plus.

Arganti- 100% pure argan oil-£10-60ml

I love trying new oils and treatments for my hair so i was excited when i saw this because argan oil is really good for the hair, But this can be used on the skin for ageing or acne scars. Its 100% organic with no perfume, and you can tell because its smells vile, but if it work i can put that aside. It supposed to moisturise, condition, sooth and heal anything from cuticles, to split ends so its a all around multi use products!

Vera valenti- valetta eye shadow pallet-£2

I had one of these in a glossybox and remembered hating it, i swatched it anyway and surprisingly, this one is actually pigmented but, they are just to chalky for my liking and will probably never use the colours, but there nice to give a little cousin to play with because i used to love stuff like this when i was little.

That's everything in this box, i am so impressed i totally recommend, and you dont have to subscribe , just buy when you like what you see! It would be great for presents as they are only £19 and are worth a whooping £122!

I hoped you like this review/unboxing, if you have any request for me please leave it in the comments and i will get back to you, thanks, bye!!


P.S happy halloween guys!:)


  1. I need to sign up to these boxes, you seem to get such great products in them :)

  2. hiya !!
    this sounds awesome,I know Ives Roche is good!!!
    good one!!!
    see u later!!

  3. These boxes look amazing! xxx

  4. I really like what you got in this beauty box, esp the lip gloss, it looks lovely :)

  5. Hello dear, I just discovered your blog and love it!

    Already follow him!
    Come visit my :)

    kisses from Portugal

  6. Hi Im kyla I really like your blog I have been looking at it for a while and I havent contacted you because I thought you wouldnt answer back I really like all you posts especially this one!!
    check my blog out please!

    1. Hi, thank you so much Kyla, that means alot to me!:)


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