Saturday, 3 November 2012

Glamour magazine, free nails inc polish!

Hi everyone!

Today's post is about an amazing bargain i found out from makeupsavvy. She posted a month ago or so about GLAMOUR magazines November issue, and that it came with a free full-sized nail inc polish! I was over the moon when i fount out and soon put it in my calender so i would not forget!

The glamour magazine only cost £2 to buy and the nail inc polish is £11 alone so i decided to jump on the band wagon and get all 4 polishes that they had! Also a big plus is Cheryl is on the front of the magazine and i love her so much!

Now your probably thinking what will i do with 4 of the same magazines, well i kept one of course, and gave the others to a couple of friends and my sister!

The first polish is...

Elizabeth Street: A really girly pale-nude pink with no shimmer! I have not tried this on but i hear you have to use 3-4 coats for it to be opaque so i guess it would be a great french manicure base colour!

Glamour Glitter: A gorgeous gold and sliver glitter polish.This was the one i was most excited about my again, i heard that it is really sheer and you only get a fine layer of glitter which hardly shoes up, i hope it is not true but i might to a festive look with this a the next one to layer.

St James: A true classic red colour with no shimmer, it will be perfect for the Christmas month coming soon.

Motcomb Street: A really dark navy almost black, blue colour. I normally shy away from dark colour, the darkest i ever go is a dark purple but i cant wait to wear it this winter with a glitter over top to spice it up, even the Glamour Glitter will look so nice on it!
Elizabeth street, St james, Glamour glitter and Motcomb street.

So those are the four shades you get to choice from, it is such a bargain, i tell everyone to go out and get one right now before they go out of stock. Btw i had to go to 3 shops to get all the colour i wanted!

Thank you so much for reading i hope you liked it, i will be sure to do some NOTD or reviews with these polishes soon, please follow, bye!:)



  1. Hehe, I loved the fact you bought all four of them - thinking of doing that now myself! I bought the one with Elizabeth Street in it and I love it. I was looking for my perfect pink nail varnish for a French manicure and it fits the bill perfectly! It does take at least 2 coats to look opaque, but I don't mind because it's such a perfect colour!

    1. Thank you so much! I cant wait to try it and i would deffo go and get the rest you cant say no for such a good price!:)

  2. The colours looks so pretty :) Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Oh no! I have literally just got home from TK MAXX where I brought a set of 4 Nails Inc Polishes for £15 and i thought I had a total bargain!

    Cool post nether the less!! :) Bath Melt giveaway this week!

    1. Oh no that is such a shame! But you still picked a bargain considering one is £11 alone!:)

  4. It's so cute that you bought all 4 nail polishes, hehe! They are all lovely colours and it is such a bargain that you aren't even paying the full price of 1 and you get 4. Fantastic! Hehe xx

  5. That's so cool! I wish are magazines came with little gifts :(

  6. i have nominated you for the versatile and libester award go here to find out more...
    lauren xx

  7. Bargain! I think i need to purchase myself one of these magazines as im running out of nail polish
    Check out my blog and maybe follow eachother? Just leave a comment.
    Might be doing a GIVEAWAY for christmas. :)

  8. AAWWWWW im so jealous i wish they did this in america
    great post! just found your blog today and its fab!


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