Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Born Pretty magnetic nail polish review!

Hi everyone!

Today i have another nail polish tutorial/review for you today! I have been able to try out the new magnetic nail polish from born pretty store.
This has been the first time i have tried magnetic nail polish and i am loving it!

So first of all i applied a base coat, i used the Sally hansen diamond strength no chip nail colour in Flawless 1.
So apply a thick/ish layer of the polish and choose your desired magnet design that you want your nails to look like, i choosed the stripes. 

As soon as you have put the polish on hold the magnet over top why it is still dry, and you might want to be quick while doing this because they dry very quick, and once it is dry it will not work. Hold it there for 10 seconds and then you have your design. Also i would try and be steady with the magnet because i accidentally moved one of mine up and it ruined the design.

I applied 2 coats to make it opaque and then applied a top coat, but if you can live without it the don't use the top coat because i found when you are putting it over top it spreads the design so i would use quite alot and just layer it on top.

At first i did find it hard but you definitely get the hang of it and i had a lot of fun trying them out! You can also get different magnet plates for different designs from here.

The great thing about born pretty is the great affordable prices and they have gave me a 10% of all order code for you: DVL91! And if you use this code and buy something they will let me hold a giveaway for you!

Overall i loved the formulation of the polish and it reminded me of opi alot, and that's quite funny because the shape of the bottle is just like opi. They go on very smooth and i got alot of compliments from people on them. I really like how they turned out!

Thanks alot for reading i hope you liked this review, and check out there site because they have alot of interesting products, please follow for post every Wednesday+Saturday, bye!:)



  1. Great effect with this brand !!

    Love the color too !!



  2. Great manicure!
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

    1. Thank you so much, i really appreciate it!:)

  3. I love the colour!
    p.s I'm currently hosting two giveaways, thought you may want to enter?!

  4. Your nails are actually incredible!!


  5. The magnetic look is so fierce! I'm so happy it's the new shatter with nail polish. You pushed me over the edge, this post makes me need a bottle!

  6. I recommend you try it bevause you wont regret!:)

  7. I'm a fan of magnetic nail polish, especially the Nails Inc. Wave Magnetic Nail Polish. It makes my nails look so cool.

  8. I love the horizontal design!

  9. this looks so pretty! i want to try more magnetic polishes this year. getting into nail effects has been one of my new years resolutions!

    1. Thanks, i love it to, i really recommend the ones from born pretty store!:)


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