Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nail tutorial: Starry Night!

Hi everyone,

Today i  have a nail tutorial for you because i am extremely busy at the moment, but i will have some more reviews coming Wednesday and next Saturday!

So this is what i did to create this look:

Apply a base coat so the nail polishes don't stain your fingernails, i just used a clear nail polish,

Sally Hansen diamond strength no ship nail colour, in :  1 Flawless

I waited for that to dry then i applied a thin coat of the nail colour you need to make the night time, so any dark blue/black will be perfect, i used,

Nail inc. in:  Motcomb street ( In glamour magazine)

When that has dried i applied another coat to make sure that it is completely opaque:

Now the nails are dry, we are going to make the stars in the sky, now as i didn't know i was even going to do a starry night look i was just putting glitter over mine then people commented on how it looked that way. So i used a fine/sheer gold and silver glitter polish, but as the stars are white, it would probably be more effective with just silver glitter, but i still loved how mine turned out! I used:

Nail inc. in:  Glamour Glitter (In glamour magazine)

Now the next step is to use you favourite top coat, i personally use a fast drying one because I'm so impatient just sitting down waiting for them to dry, so if i move i instantly smudge them! I use:

Sally Hansen insta dri fast drying top coat

Then your all done! I hope you liked it and try and re-create this look, i think its perfect for winter months. Thanks for reading, bye!



  1. Oh wow this looks great!

  2. omg i will definitely try that out. so gorgeous *-*

  3. I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  4. this is so pretty !

    xx Liyana

  5. Thankyou, im glad you like them!:)

  6. lovely post! love the glitter :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  7. Hey I love your blog would you like to follow each other ? Xoxo

  8. Looks perfect to me !!



  9. I LOVE the name of this tutorial! And your nails came out so nice! I will have to try this :)

  10. Great effect!

    I'd like to invite you at my blog:

    I hope U like it and maybe follow.

  11. This looks so pretty! I must dig out that Nails inc gold glitter, i got it with my subscription and never used it doh! x

  12. nice post!
    following you now

  13. Wow, Lauren. Love the finished product on this one. I am not really into dark nail polish, but I might give this a try. Been looking at wearing glitter nails and this one seems like a good idea.

    Btw, you've got a great blog! Would you be interested in following each other? Just let me know :)

    Abby, XO

  14. This looks great! I've always like the effect of sparkle on a black base. So stunning! :)


  15. Company are also giving a free nail polish away this month - Jessica!

    Kim x

  16. Tagged you in my blogger tag



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