Friday, 29 March 2013

Mavala sparkling & protecting spring lip glosses!

Hi everyone,

Alot of people know I'm a huge fan of Mavala nail polishes, here is a link to my review on them. When i knew they was coming out with some new shades of there lip glosses for the spring line, i got very excited. I have two shades, Grapefruit and Blackcurrant.

Mavala Sparkling & Protecting Lip Gloss - Grapefruit - £11.25*

This one is personally my favourite, its a pretty medium pink. My favourite thing about these lip glosses is how pigmented they are, this one makes your lips look so nice, as if its your lip colour. Also the shine is amazing and they smell/taste like heaven!

Mavala Sparkling & Protecting Lip Gloss - Blackcurrant - £11.25*


This next one is quite a different shade from what i normally would wear. When you apply this with the applicator it gives your lips the full colour which is a deep purple fuchsia colour. I prefer to apply abit of lip balm on my lips then get little of the lip gloss off the wand and apply it with my finger, it gives a really nice wash of hot pink!

These lip glosses have millions of particles of innovative mother of pearl. They also have anti-oxidant grape seed oil and sun filter in. Like i said these are very pigmented and have a great creamy texture, they are not sticky or to thin so they last a great amount of time! 

I hope your liked this review, these are a great staple in your makeup bag, especially some of the more wearable shades and have a very thin tube so they fit great, bye!



  1. fine post

    Happy Easter

  2. gorgeous colours! I love the grapefruit one x

  3. I've never tried the Mavala nail polishes but have heard good things about them! These lipglosses look amazing - especially the Grapefruit shade! The part that sold me on them was the fact that you said they were creamy rather than sticky - I can't stand a sticky lipgloss! Do you know where these are available to buy online?

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. There nail polishes are so amazing and are great price compared to high end polishes! I totally agree i love grapefruit and the fact that they are lovely and creamy other than sticky. You can find them at

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    1. Thanks so much, sure i would love to! :)


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