Thursday, 6 June 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen Review!

Hey everyone!

Today's post will be a little review of a new nail art pen I have been trying out. As most know I am obsessed with nail polish and love trying out new trends and nail art. I have hundreds of the nail pens with the striper and the thin end and find them quite hard to work with. When i was browsing Born Pretty Store I spotted a full size nail art pen which sort of looks like a marker.

They have 5 different colour and decided to go for 06 which is a bright hot pink. This has a fine tip-pen which makes it super easy, fine and precise to draw pretty much anything you want on your nails. This formulae claims to be fast drying which i totally agree with, it stand out great from the nail polish underneath. I will mention that this is water based polish making it environmentally friendly and if you make a mistake you can correct it with a cotton swab dipped in water.

These are super convenient and are such a easy way to make cute detailed art on your nails. I tried a mixture on all my nails from smiley faces, love hearts, stars, french tips, criss cross, stripes, zig zags, polka dots.. They all came out beautiful and got alot of compliments asking if i had them done professionally!

I really recommend these if you are into nail art or want to start, they are perfect all way round, thanks much and hope you liked this review, bye! 

Fast Drying Nail Art Drawing Pen- 06 - £5.99*



  1. so cute nails

  2. That's such an adorable design!! :)

  3. I was just reading through some old comments, and realised that I haven't been on your blog in ages! And I also love t when I read it :) this nail art pen sounds pretty decent; the price is decent, and it looks good on your nails. Brilliant review!xx

    1. Thank you so much, that means alot! :)

  4. looks lovely! really enjoyed this post thank youuuu! x

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