Monday, 3 June 2013

The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray By Beauty Narcotix

Hi Everyone!

Sorry Its been so long! I'm back today with with a little review on one of my favourite nail products. Beauty Narcotix recently contacted me asking if I wanted to try a mini hand bag version of the Ultimate Fix! 

As most of you know I love this product, I reviewed there full sized one a few months ago-link. I think Its so great and ideal to invent a smaller sized one because its much more practical plus, great for on the go.

If you've not heard of the ultimate fix, here's abit of information. Basically this is a a nail polish spray that claims to create a chip free lasting shine. After every coat of nail polish you are supposed to to spray 30-40cm away to create a fine mist. This also says its fixes and protects your enamel leaving your nails for days with a dazzling chip free shine!

One of my favourite things about this is the shine it leaves, its better than any top coat i have used on my nails leaving them smooth and glimmering! Also it makes your polish dry super fast which is ideal and I did notice my polish did not chip as quick as normal.

I am still using my 200ml full sized bottle because it last so long. I think this 50ml can is totally worth trying if your on the edge, it last for 12 manicures with normal use and is only £9.50 compared to there  £17.00 one! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this review, bye!

The Ultimate Fix by Beauty Narcotix-50ml-£9.50



  1. Iv never heard of this!!! Really want to try it now.
    Check out my new blog. If you like it then please follow and il follow back

    1. Its really great, i recommend it!:)


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